Black Coq

Black Coq: Porter francais

ABV: 4.4

IBU: 35

Style: Porter

Malts: Pale Ale, Cara Clair, Crystal, Aroma, Special B, Chocolate

Houblon: Centennial, Tettnanger

Arôme et saveur: Toasted Malt with Light Mocha notes, little to no hop aroma

Levure: S33

Disponibilité: 33cl bottles, 25lt Keg, On tap in the Tap Room

La description:

Brewed as a challenge, our Black Coq French Porter original recipe was designed to find the perfect balance of a quaffable dark roast and crisp finish for all year-round drinking. Our Porter is just that, light on hop aroma yet with a decent amount of bitterness, this with the subtle coffee and barely there chocolate notes makes this brew that is not just a winter beer, this is a beauty for all seasons.

FYI: Porter is a style of beer that was developed in London in the early eighteenth century. It was well-hopped and dark in appearance due to the use of brown malt. The name originated due to its popularity with street and river porters. The popularity of porter was significant, and it became the first beer style to be brewed across the world. The only main difference many brewers still agree on between Stout and Porter is the kind of malt that should be used to brew each type of beer. Porters use malted barley and stouts are primarily made from unmalted roasted barley, which is where the coffee flavour most people associate with these beers comes from.

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